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Swiss Bank Account
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Swiss bank account
Swiss Corp. Bank Account
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Swiss Corporate Bank Account

All inclusive opening service

Want to open your Swiss bank account quickly and easily ? You can open your personal swiss bank account, corporate bank account by postal mail without the need to travel to Switzerland. We permanently search banks with best conditions and price-ratio and we can manage your account opening with minimal reference requirements...Read more

We work together with numerous major financial institutions in Switzerland. If you are interested in our services you pay once for the mediation the charges to our company. There will be no additional fees for opening the account. All accounts offer highly secure 24/7 online banking, International wire transfers via IBAN and Swift -/BIC, credit cards and cheque books.

Credit Cards?

Get VISA/Mastercard credit cards to pay anywhere in the world without requiring a credit check or references directly after your account is setup! We also offer the option to get a separated VISA/MasterCard to make your bank account more secure and private.


Why do I need a Swiss bank account ?

Security and privacy for your money. Switzerland has the highest level of banking secrecy and stability in the world. The Swiss National Bank offers among the greatest supplies associated with precious metal gold to support its currency. Banks within Switzerland are obligated legally to keep any and all information about their customers purely private. Secrecy guidelines tend to be vigorously enforced through the banking industry. This is also true when it comes to municipal matters.

The actual Switzerland constitution clearly defines as well as safeguards these secrecy laws. Any kind of banker that reveals details about customers is going to be punished under the regulation. Within today’s litigation-happy society, asset safety as well as property planning would be the main reasons for looking for a secure and safe banking middle within Switzerland. Individuals preserve Switzerland bank accounts for the privateness as well as protection they provide. No federal government, taxes support, lender, or even agency may actually access your account.

General Information about Switzerland

Switzerland is a prosperous and stable modern market economy with low unemployment, a highly skilled labor force, and a per capita GDP larger than that of the big western European economies. Switzerland remains a safe haven for investors, because it has maintained a degree of bank secrecy and has kept up the franc's long-term external value. However your swiss bank account can be managed in any currency you wish.

Who can open a Swiss bank account?

In principle, any adult person can open up an account at a financial institution in Europe. However, banking institutions book the right to reject customers. For instance, a bank may refuse to offer financial providers to a so-called "politically-exposed person" that the bank thinks might present as well great a reputational danger if they had been to become customer. A bank may also refuse to begin a banking romantic relationship whether it offers doubts about the roots of the potential customer's funds simply because Swiss banks are not allowed legally to simply accept money which they know or even must presume originate through criminal offense.

If you wish the read more information you can read our FAQ.

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  • You get all information to setup your account.

  • Sign the opening documents and send them back to the bank.

  • The bank will confirm the opening of your account with minimal reference requirements.

  • Your new bank account is now fully usable!