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Swiss Personal Bank Account

Coat of arms Swiss Personal Bank Account

Transperency - Best Services

  • Strong Swiss banking secrecy
  • Reliable major financial institution
  • 24/7 Internet banking and payments
  • NO maintenance fees
  • NO minimum deposit required
  • NO background check
  • VISA and MasterCard Gold credit cards
  • Send -/receive funds by international wire
  • IBAN and SWIFT -/BIC payments
  • NO personal visit to Switzerland required
  • Multicurrency account management
  • Approval guaranteed!

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Get your card from another Bank Institute to protect your privacy - highly recommend



Selected payment: Wire Transfer

Recommended for EU-customers:
Allows you to pay the one-time service fee by bank wire transfer at local rates. The payment details will be notified immediately after your order.

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 Swiss Personal Bank Account 99.90 €
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Credit Cards ?


Our Swiss bank offer VISA/-MasterCard GOLD credit cards. These cards are issued without requiring a credit check or references directly after your account is setup!

Our Guarantee!

Save time by having us open your Swiss bank account quickly and easily. We will manage your account opening at a major bank with no reference or minimum deposit required.

We handle it for you!

Easy opening


  • Fill out our application form.

  • You get all information to setup your account.

  • Sign the opening documents and send them back to the bank.

  • The bank will confirm the opening of your account with minimal reference requirements.

  • Your new bank account is now fully usable!